Reflective Coatings

There are many types of Roof Coatings out on the market today. Primarily there are two main types of roof coatings, waterproofing and UV protection.

Reflective coatings which are used for UV Protection should be applied whenever the roof starts to look black in color. This means that the the original Granules or coating have faded or washed away. By having exposed asphalt on your roof, not only will the temperature inside the building increase but your roof will experience premature roof deterioration.

Applying a reflective coating is a type of preventative maintenance for your roof which will help prolong the life of your roof system. The two most popular types of reflective coatings are fibered aluminium coating and non-fibered aluminium coating. 

RHI Construction Inc is a certified applicator of most high performance roof coatings allowing us to provide you with Manufacturer warranties.

Roof with worn out reflective coating

All penetrations receive two coats of coating
 prior to field covering

Application of field coating. Fibered Aluminium coating used here

Overview of completed Fibered
Aluminium Coating.

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